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“So Much More Than Just Extra Classes”

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Why Choose Abakus Enrichment?

Our tutors are qualified teachers who understand content in relation with teaching practice.

This allows us to provide quality tutoring as well as diagnostic testing and customised academic support.

  • We create a safe space where students can explore their academic capabilities without fear of failure.
  • Quality tutoring is about more than just academic performance.
  • At Abakus Enrichment, we recognise that often the performance of learners is hindered by the anxiety related to Math and Science.
  • Creating a learning space that allows learners to feel safe and grow in confidence is the first step to academic growth.

Quality tutoring is promoted by access

All our offices are centrally located, surrounded by major high schools and are easily accessible via safe walking routes. This allows us to readily accommodate hostel students, plan around extra-mural activities and accommodate other busy schedules.

  • We operate on an established set of core values that help your child develop academically and personally.
  • Knowing who we are and what stand for gives us the kind of direction that ensures quality tutoring.
  • At Abakus Enrichment we stand for honesty, respect, development, work ethic, team and balance.
  • Dedication to these values is something we expect from all the stakeholders in our endeavour – be it our team, clients or students.

We are a professional entity offering a professional service

We are a business and operate as such. We run our business according to established business principles. One of these principles that we attach serious value is professionalism. Professionalism is key to providing a quality tutoring service, which is our primary objective.

We cater to a range of curricula. Our tutors have offered quality tutoring to a wide variety of learners who partake in a wide variety of curricula. Our tutors have experience with CAPS, IEB, CAMBRIDGE, GDE and ADMATH curricula.

  • Affordable rates promise value for money. We understand that a good education comes at a price.
  • At Abakus Enrichment we offer quality tutoring without breaking the bank.
  • We aim to accommodate as wide a variety of students as possible at fair rate while providing a service that confirms the worthwhile investment in your child’s future.

At Abakus Enrichment we can shamelessly brag about our dream team.

All the tutors at Abakus Enrichment are qualified, experienced teachers.

We boast a dynamic team with a vast collection of qualifications between us.


Jeanne-Mari Frenzel

Director and Tutor


Meandri van Rheede

van Oudtshoorn

Director and Tutor

Qualified Tutors

Lexi Coetzer

Manager and Tutor


Marna Bredenhand



Talitha Reynders



Carmen-Li Bindeman



Philip Gilbert



Adam Taljard



Stephanie Schoeman



Anelda Else


Abakus Enrichment offers a wide array of Maths and Science extra classes.


Individual Classes

We do offer individual maths and science extra classes for those learners who need individual attention in order to achieve their goals. However, there are limited individual slots available.


Group Classes

At Abakus Enrichment we as tutors support the theory that learning is a social endeavour. We offer small group math and science extra classes. We restrict our groups to four learners per class.

home school

Home Schoolers and Post-Matrics

We offer math and science extra classes to home school students and students partaking in a post-matric course of study.

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