Abakus Math and Science Enrichment is a diverse service provider offering a wide array of extra classes.

The extra classes cater for a wide variety of needs, languages and age groups. Our extra classes work as follows:

Individual Classes

We do offer individual Math and Science extra classes for those learners who need individual attention in order to achieve their goals. However, there are limited individual slots available.

Group Classes

Often learning is promoted more with peer-to-peer contact than when contact is limited strictly to the teacher-learner interaction. We offer small group Maths and Science extra classes. We restrict our groups to four learners per class.

Our contact classes are grouped by school, performance and language.

Homeschoolers and Post-matrics

We offer Maths and Science extra classes to homeschool learners and learners partaking in a post-matric course of study.

Online Classes

We offer online lessons to learners across South Africa on a variety of online platforms. This is mostly individual classes.



At Abakus Enrichment, we have experience providing extra math and science classes to students who partake in CAPS, IEB, Cambridge, and GDE with great success.

Class Locations

All contact classes are offered at our offices in Stellenbosch. Please click here for directions.

Lesson Times

Our classes are typically an hour long and start on the half hour from 08:00-19:30 online or contact. 

Home Schoolers and Post-Matrics  classes are from 08:30-14:30, Monday to Friday.


Languages of Instruction

We offer Math and Science extra classes in both English and Afrikaans.


At Abakus, we are primarily focused on offering Maths and Science extra classes to high school students, Grades 8-12. For requests pertaining to younger or older learners, please contact us.


Fees vary from R250-R350 per hour (Ad Hoc) and R820-R1135 per month (permanently enrolled students). *Discounted fees are available for upfront quarterly/yearly payments and payments via debit order. For more information or a quote on extra lessons, please contact us and let us know more about your extra lesson needs.

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Extra Classes

Did you know?

  • Our fees are tailored to your individual needs and requests.
  • Educational institutions and programs follow different curricula.
  • At Abakus Enrichment we support the theory that learning is a social endeavour.
  • Our classes are streamed by school and performance.
  • Post-matrics can be accommodated for extra lessons in the mornings.
  • For queries regarding weekend lessons, please contact us.

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