Why Abakus Enrichment

Why Abakus Enrichment

Why Abakus Enrichment

Seven Reasons to Choose Abakus Enrichment

Choosing the right tutor to help your child is a big decision. At Abakus Enrichment we are dedicated to quality tutoring aimed at the improvement of performance as well as confidence.

Our tutors are qualified teachers who understand content in relation to teaching practice.

This allows us to provide quality tutoring, diagnostic testing, and customised academic support.

Real-time feedback is essential to both us and the parents. We provide feedback via our attendance and progress system after every session.

We create a safe space where students can explore their academic capabilities without fear of failure.

Quality tutoring is about more than just academic performance. At Abakus Enrichment, we recognise that learners’ performance is often hindered by anxiety related to math and science. Creating a learning space that allows learners to feel safe and confident is the first step to academic growth.

We are accessible – either centrally located, easy to walk to before or after extra-murals and on a safe walking route or established online platforms.

Quality tutoring is promoted by access. All our offices are centrally located, surrounded by major high schools and are easily accessible via safe walking routes. This allows us to readily accommodate hostel learners, plan around extra-mural activities and accommodate other busy schedules.

We operate on established core values that help your child develop academically and personally.

Knowing who we are and what we stand for gives us the kind of direction that ensures quality tutoring. At Abakus Enrichment, we stand for honesty, respect, development, work ethic, team and balance. Dedication to these values is something we expect from all the stakeholders in our endeavour – be it our team, clients or learners.

We are a professional entity offering a professional service.

We run our business according to established business principles. One of these principles that we attach serious value to is professionalism. Professionalism is key to providing a quality tutoring service, which is our primary objective.

We cater to various curricula, including CAPS, IEB, CAMBRIDGE, and GDE.

Our tutors have experience with CAPS, IEB, Cambridge, and GDE curricula.

Affordable rates promise value for money.

We understand that a good education comes at a price. At Abakus Enrichment, we offer quality tutoring without breaking the bank. We aim to accommodate as many learners as possible at a fair rate while providing a service that confirms the worthwhile investment in your child’s future.


Tamryn - Learner

Thank you! I told my other extra maths teacher my marks and she was like “Yeah, that’s okay I guess”. Thank you for making me feel validated

Heather - Parent

I just wanted to say a huge THANK you for working extra-long with our daughter yesterday. I really do appreciate your help. Also many thanks for all the updates after the lessons. It’s good to see what you’ve been working through.

Janet - Parent

Thank you so much for all the hard work you are putting in with my son. He loves his lessons with you and is so motivated to try harder.

Robert - Parent

Many thanks. He is now so much more positive about maths so a great start. Thanks again.

Elizabeth - Ouer

Baie dankie! So mal daaroor dat hy so gemotiveerd is.

Tania - Ouer

Baie goed! 20% op van verlede jaar. Jy help hom regtig baie. Baie, baie dankie

Maria - Leerder

Hello ek het my toets terug gekry! Ek het 87, 5%

Cara - Leerder

Ons het laas week n wiskunde toets geskryf en ons het die punte nou terug gekry. Ek het 78% gekry en ek het ook die beste in die klas gedoen!

Marie - Ouer

Hy het hierdie vakansie gewerk – een uur elke dag! Een dag Skeinat en die ander Wiskunde. Ek is baie trots op hom dat hy dit gedoen het! Nogmaals baie dankie vir jou hulp. Sien uit na die kwartaal!

Shirley - Parent

Thank you so much for that guidance through his work… makes such a difference!

Maths and Science Extra Lessons

Grades 8 -12

Choosing the right tutor to help your child is a big decision. At Abakus Enrichment we are dedicated to quality tutoring aimed at the improvement of performance as well as confidence.